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Research from national developer David Wilson Homes shows local homeowners and renters in Staffordshire will have paid an average of £737 for their energy by the end of 2016, but new home owners can expect to save more money on heating bills as their homes are more energy efficient than older, draughtier properties. 


The age of a home is perhaps the biggest influence on a heating bill. David Wilson Homes’ research showed nearly 90% of people estimated they could save up to £400 on their annual heating bill just by living in a new build home. Typically, new homes have energy saving features such as the latest insulation and new double glazing, and are up to 55% more energy efficient.

Across the country the spending patterns on heating vary considerably, with the West Midlands among the lowest average heating costs nationally.

Region Average heating cost in 2016
Scotland £869.57
Wales £821.44
London £804.53
North East £802.59
South East £774.30
Yorkshire and Humberside £773.33
North West £772.24
West Midlands £737.02
East Anglia £722.15
South West £698.26
East Midlands £675.40


To highlight the difference in heat loss from a new build home and a typical older property, David Wilson Homes has used thermal imagery to show where the heat is escaping (in green and yellow) around the doors and windows compared to the much better insulation of a new home.

Victorian property                                                                 New build home

the-thermal-image-of-the-old-property-reveals-how-heat-escapes the-thermal-image-of-the-new-build-shows-how-the-heat-is-contained-insid

Steve Barton, Senior Sales Manager at David Wilson Homes Mercia, said: “Many people spend hundreds on their heating bill, yet still feel cold in their homes.

“New homes are more airtight, better insulated and have modern boilers which makes them more efficient. Our online energy calculator shows customers just how much they could save on bills in a David Wilson home.”


  1. All new build homes come with a programmable timer and thermostat, allowing you to only use energy when and where you want the heat to go on
  2. Keeping radiators clear of furniture increases their efficiency
  3. Draw the curtains or blinds at night and use draught-excluders for doors
  4. Consider living in a new build home, which can be up to 55% more energy efficient than an upgraded Victorian equivalent
  5. If you have a loft, consider insulation.  You could save energy by topping up the thickness of the insulation from 100mm to the recommended 270mm

To find out how you can save money on energy bills in a new build home and to understand more about David Wilson Homes’ energy efficient homes, visit https://www.dwh.co.uk/why-buy-new/Energy-Efficient-Homes/.

David Wilson Homes is building new homes in Staffordshire at the St Mary’s Gate and Wedgwood Park developments.

St Mary’s Gate is located in Stafford and has two to four bedroom homes for sale from £175,000.

Wedgwood Park and The Village at Wedgewood Park have three to five bedroom homes for sale from £207,500. The development is located in Barlaston village.

For more information about David Wilson Homes’ local developments, call the sales information line on 0844 811 3322, open seven days a week from 8am to 9pm, or log on to www.dwh.co.uk.

David Wilson Homes Mercia has been awarded the maximum five star official rating from the Home Builders Federation (HBF) for the seventh year in a row. The news was announced after more than 20,000 new home buyers across the country took part in this year’s HBF customer satisfaction survey.



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