Feature Finance News — 10 May 2017

Howards, a progressive firm of chartered certified accountants based in Stafford, has helped a local gymnasium to buy state-of-the-art training equipment for their 300 club gymnasts, including four pairs of gymnasts who are taking part in the national finals on 13-14 May.

Stafford Gymnastics Club owner Emma Hunt (right) with national finalists and Richard Taylor of Howards chartered certified accountants 

It came to the attention of Howards that the Stafford Gymnastics Club was looking to purchase an important piece of equipment. The apparatus is called a Tumble Track and, complete with a ramp extension, it enables gymnasts to practise such moves as forward and backward flips on a soft and forgiving surface rather than a hard floor.

The Tumble Track is designed to keep athletes safe by enabling them to do more repetitions than is currently possible to improve their techniques but with less stress on their bodies, particularly the ankles. The equipment is also popular for training cheerleaders and is suitable for all skill ranges – from beginner to elite – allowing athletes to learn and perfect their new skills and progressions.

Howards Accountants heard that Stafford Gymnastics Club was trying to raise funds for the Tumble Track but organising raffles, coffee mornings and selling cakes had only brought in a fraction of the monies required. Howards said it would pay the difference and in return the gym club owner Emma Hunt would install a promotional sign for the accountancy firm and have its brochures on display.

Emma says: “This is a great piece of kit and we are indebted to Howards for helping us to acquire it. Everyone has been working incredibly hard at fund-raising but it would’ve taken us a couple of years to be able to afford the Tumble Track. We are delighted that with Howards’ help our gymnasts will be able to benefit from it so much earlier.”

Howards’ Richard Taylor adds: “As financial advisers to many local business leaders and sole traders – several of whom use this gym with their families – we are always keen to give back to the community that we serve. This was an ideal opportunity for us to enhance the development of niche skills within the region and to help put Stafford firmly on the national gymnastics map.”

Howards has just announced record growth in its most successful year to date, putting its success down to building strong relationships with clients – whether international PLCs, established small to medium enterprises (SMEs) or start-up sole traders.



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