The winds of change are an opportunity for Midlands manufacturers

Brexit, economic uncertainty and Industry 4.0 are all challenges facing the UK’s manufacturing industry… but now is not the time to hide, it’s the time to make your mark.  By Helen Duncan, managing director of FIG [...]

New geolocation app for Anchor Vans

The team at Anchor Vans, the UK’s biggest commercial vehicle hypermarket, has launched a new app to aid them in locating stock vehicles. The app, called ‘Where Am I Parked?’, uses geolocation to establish the exact [...]

Tech giant launches popular Artificial Intelligence Camp in Birmingham

Free, unique two-week course in Birmingham offered to all undergraduates interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence Kainos, a leading provider of digital services and platforms to public and private organisations around the globe, has opened [...]

Increased smartphone use and selfie-taking linked to lower connection to nature and higher anxiety in new University of Derby study

A team of academics at the University of Derby has conducted the first study into the link between smartphone use, the number of selfies a person takes and how connected they feel to nature – and [...]

How brands are all about feeling part of a group

An organisation’s brand only really exists in the way that its staff and customers act as a group, according to an expert at Aston Business School. Dr Keith Glanfield, a lecturer in Strategic Brand Management and [...]

Specialist Midlands firm talks on how to achieve Employee Engagement – and why you’ll want to take note

Ever heard the phrase ‘employee engagement?’ For over a decade we have been talking about engagement in the workplace, and with a recent report by Faculty Member at Hult International Business School, Dr Amy Armstrong, revealing [...]