3 Most innovative technologies of 2016 for real estate agents

A simple check of the methodologies you use for your business will make you realize how many antiquated technologies are still in use. After all, real estate professionals tend to be people attached to tradition: after all, who would not continue to use technologies and methods that have led to success in the past?

We can assure you, however, that there is no better way to jeopardize the longevity of your real estate agency than by ignoring new trends, especially those related to technology and the digital world. The advent of technology has challenged the old saying “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. It is no longer acceptable for a professional in a competitive industry such as real estate to overlook or even ignore what might give him an advantage.

That said, technology is meant to make our lives easier: Anyone who doesn’t take advantage of it shoots themselves in the foot, making it more difficult. Those who refuse to adopt the most advanced tools in technology will soon be questioned by customers and overtaken by the competition. If you want to give yourself and your agency the chance to make the most of your potential, you need to implement the latest technology trends. Let’s take a look at the latest “gadgets” of 2016 that a real estate agent can, or rather, must use to maximize his competitiveness.

If a picture is worth more than 1000 words, it is fair to say that a 360 ° camera is worth a lot more. This little device is revolutionizing the way a real estate agent introduces a property to a buyer.

As the name suggests, 360 ° cameras are able to capture much more than a single field of view: the shots are capable of creating a real scene in which to immerse yourself. Anything in the device’s field of view, which is logically 360 degrees, will be captured on the screen.

The days when real estate agents had to spend hours meticulously positioning their cameras to photograph the perfect angle are gone. What’s more, a 360 ° camera gives even the most inexperienced real estate agent the freedom to photograph the true essence of living space. What better could you want from someone looking to sell a home?

Cameras give their owners the ability to take advantage of the widest field of view that any camera can offer. There are no dark spots to worry about, which makes it nearly impossible to miss the best features of a home.

With far more benefits than your traditional camera, it’s not hard to see why more and more licensed real estate agents are adding 360 ° cameras to their market strategies.

The agencies to which we have suggested using this technology are having extremely positive feedback, precisely because they give the opportunity to show both sellers and buyers an entire section of a home.

Coming to the point, the 360 ​​° cameras are undoubtedly the device that we also recommend you to start using immediately, in order to make an impressive qualitative leap in the presentation of your real estate portfolio.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality glasses and headsets are no longer linked only to science fiction films and abstract futuristic concepts. In fact, several models of virtual reality glasses are already available. For those of you not familiar with this new device, virtual reality (hereafter VR) is a much more total experience than what a device can be.

VR glasses can immerse the wearer in an incredible experience similar to everyday life, in which the same human movements are tracked in a three-dimensional world visible with the glasses that are worn.

Although VR is considered a “gaming” application by most users, it is only a matter of time before it revolutionizes the way we do everything. The sooner you real estate agents realize what RV eyewear is capable of, the sooner you will find yourself in pole position for change within your industry.

Think about it, in combination with a 360 ° camera you can offer potential buyers a tour of the properties, without them ever putting a foot inside the house, the company, the land for sale.

The 360 ​​° cameras provide a static whole home environment, while the RV will allow anyone interested in a home to walk around it without moving afoot. The possibilities are endless. Real estate professionals can offer potential buyers an in-depth look at a property, whether they are on the other side of Italy or around the corner, there is no difference.

Furthermore, those who work in the real estate sector will no longer be limited by time management; VR will allow them to show different properties simultaneously, without the usual pitfalls associated with organizing meetings.

Last but not least, VR has the potential to give you plenty of free time to devote to your core activities, which generate the bulk of your real estate agency’s revenues.

Voice commands

iPhone users are familiar with Siri, the primary voice control provided in every iPhone device. Voice-controlled services have left their mark on users’ habits, and are now easily available because they have become one of the basic functions of every technological device.

A quick Google search will show you that almost anything can be equipped with voice commands.

Furthermore, voice services are much more reliable than they were until recently, with an error rate that went from 23% in 2013 to 5% in 2015, and at the end of 2016 we believe that this trend of improvement will continue. .

Of some importance, however, are the devices that are developed to equip homes, and everything they contain, with voice commands. The Amazon Echo, for example, can be used to communicate with the technologies of so-called “smart homes”and with locks, can activate security systems, change the temperature and open garage doors.

Think about the impression an application like voice command might leave on a potential buyer. Imagine going to see a property and opening the main door with a voice command, or turning on the lights without lifting a finger, interesting isn’t it?

With a relatively low cost (around 200 euros), it is certainly not in dispute that real estate professionals could achieve a substantial ROI simply by purchasing the Amazon Echo.


Technology has certainly made our lives easier, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t do the same in the world of real estate, thus improving the daily work of you real estate agents. Consequently, those who do not adopt by choice, due to lack of time or a spirit of innovation, the technological trends that are developing in this historical period, will probably, if not certainly, find themselves at a marked disadvantage compared to their more dynamic colleagues and inclined to innovation.

These agents, in fact, are losing ground towards competitors who are implementing new technologies day after day. Do yourself a favor and add the latest technology to your real estate strategies and techniques; we assure you that you will benefit from it already in the short term.