5 Strategies to Build Customer Loyalty

Increasingly, finding new customers is not enough to keep a business. It is also necessary to retain old customers, which will help ensure a greater financial return for your company. In addition, customer loyalty is much cheaper than acquiring new buyers.

A loyal customer also becomes a diffuser of your brand. In other words, he will do what is called “word of mouth marketing”, indicating his product or service to friends, acquaintances and even talking about it on social networks. This kind of free advertising is quite advantageous.

You can already understand how important customer loyalty is, right? Check out some strategies for this as you read!

5 tips to retain customers

1. Monitor your audience’s behaviour

First of all, you must know what your customer is like. The answer to this question will be the basis of your entire strategy of retaining new people. Therefore, knowing who your consumer audience is and tracing the profile of new customers is very important.

In order to build customer loyalty, it is necessary to know the age group, gender, dimension of purchasing power, among other characteristics that are achieved through the construction of the avatar. Also, you need to monitor their behaviour, especially on social media. It is important to know what they say about your company, product or service, and also about the competition, paying attention to the complaints made.

The purpose of monitoring is, above all, to know what your audience thinks about your brand and if they are really satisfied. With this, you will be able to better understand how to retain customers, as you will be able to adjust your digital business to please more and more and, thus, improve your brand’s performance in the market. Always keep in mind that a happy customer will buy again and become a loyal customer of the company.

2. Invest in after-sales to build customer loyalty

It is a huge mistake to think that the relationship with the customer ends after the customer completes the purchase. Rather, it means that a new cycle is starting. Therefore, investing in after-sales can make all the difference in sales strategy. Keep in touch with the customer so you can learn about their experience with the product or service.

Furthermore, to strengthen the relationship with the customer, you must conduct satisfaction surveys and provide the buyer with the feeling of “being part” of that digital business. That is, he must believe he is important and unique to his brand. Showing these concerns increases the chances of turning a customer into a loyal customer. Thus, the possibility for the buyer to do referral marketing is also much greater.

Don’t forget to always be there and keep your customer close. Communication needs to be continuous. This way, you prevent the consumer from going to your site only when a promotion or offer is offered. Of course, actions of this kind are needed from time to time. However, the person must return to his business, above all, because he liked and wants to consume your product or service once more.

The ideal is not to let her go too long without visiting your store. But, remember that communication should not be invasive or pushy. Contact us when you realize that that customer has not been buying for a long time. Some software can help with this type of monitoring.

3. Build loyalty programs

Digital businesses must have loyalty programs. So, don’t waste time and start creating your loyalty program now. Make registration forms for all your consumers. Thus, you’ll be able to offer rewards to those who buy your brand’s product or service more often or make purchases with higher values.

When we think about how to retain customers, this tip is one of the easiest and simplest. That’s because loyalty programs win over consumers immediately.

After all, who doesn’t like to receive discounts or special treats? People will be more eager to buy from your brand again because they will know they can earn rewards. Consumers are engaged and end up passing promotions forward, doing word-of-mouth marketing. Loyal customers, on the other hand, will feel a gift.

4. Expand open communication channels with the brand

Increasing and facilitating communication not only helps to attract new buyers but also improves the relationship with the customer, as they will feel wanted and even have more confidence in your brand. Everyone likes attention and good service, right? A wide channel of communication is essential for this.

So, if you want to retain customers, offer several options. This will make him interact and have more engagement with the brand. The company must have several easy and hassle-free means of communication, for example, telephone, WhatsApp, chat, SMS, email, website forms and social networks.

5. Acquire tools to help with the loyalty process

Retaining customers can be much easier if you have the help of some tools. That’s because they make everything faster, more practical, dynamic and accessible for you to build the best relationship with the customer.

SparkFunnels, for example, is used to create high converting sales funnels, which contribute to the loyalty strategy. Among the services offered by SparkFunnels are the creation of landing pages, webinar broadcasts and results tracking, which are important features when it comes to loyalty.

Imagine that your brand creates a customer loyalty program and still uses the HeroSpark tools: for sure, you will have many loyal customers that will ensure the word of mouth marketing of your company.