5 tips to consider when building your content marketing strategy

Find out what are the key pieces of information you need to know as you begin creating your content marketing strategy.

Currently, there are several opportunities when it comes to Digital Marketing, so preparing a well-structured plan for your content marketing strategy from identifying the potential market to closing the actions is essential for any company that wants to achieve good results , whether it is a digital business or not.

As complex as it may seem, a content marketing strategy is based on a clear and concise description of the essential factors that the entire team needs to know when planning communication.

Why create a content marketing strategy?

For a company to function well, everyone needs to be aligned. Therefore, it is very important to have a good content marketing strategy.

Since by recording the goals and decisions taken at a given time, all team members will be able to be on the same page and when there are changes in collaborators, new members will be able to consult it.

And this is one of the biggest advantages of having a marketing strategy: the increase in the assertiveness rate. Certainly, every company likes to get good results.

Therefore, we have separated a list with the 5 best tips to help you create your strategic plan. Come on?!

1. Know your market

It is very likely that you already know which market your service/product is located in and what the opportunities and threats are, right?! If you are not clear, take the opportunity to do a study and understand which market you are present.

Summarize the entire situation with topics such as the problem you want to solve, what this strategy will do with that problem, and what you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

2. Have your goals outlined

When you take a trip, before hitting the road, you need to know the final destination, right?! To create a content marketing strategy you need to have that same thought.

By knowing your market, you are aware of what your starting point is, but you also need to detail where you want to go. The main thing is to be able to guide you and your team to the next steps and be clear about the purpose of this strategy.

Imagine that you are part of the team of a dental clinic, but are not managing to get a good position online. A good goal might be: to increase the blog’s relevancy rate.

3. Know who your audience is

It’s critical to know who the people you’re communicating with are. Therefore, you need to define who the personas who consume your product are.

That way, you’ll be able to create targeted and more attractive content for the people you want to reach.

In the case of a dentist’s office, a possible persona would be: women aged 20 to 30, single and in the habit of spending little.

4. Understand the shopping journey

Now that you know who your customer is, you need to understand the journey that this person takes to buy your product.

Your content needs to be the main driver for your persona to consume what you offer. For this to happen, you need to identify all the path that a customer normally takes.

Start by answering questions such as: What are the initial pains your customer has the moment he or she arrives at your company? How does he find you? In which channels does he look for information about your product?

Let’s try to illustrate this step. Still in the example of the dental clinic, what are the possible behaviors that my persona has until arriving at your business?

One possible fact is: She has a problem with her teeth and needs a repair. Therefore, the first thing she does is use a search engine to do the following searches: tooth restoration how much does it cost or how much does a dental implant cost.

Did you understand? You start tracing the entire trajectory of your persona, in as much detail as possible.

5. Define the keywords

Before starting to produce content, it is important that you know what are the main terms used by your client and use those words to your advantage. This practice is called SEO – a term commonly used among newsrooms.

Suppose you’ve already defined your persona’s shopping journey. So, you should already have an idea of ​​what she is looking to find in terms of content.

Therefore, it is recommended that you define which keywords you want your company to be associated with. In the case of the clinic, good options would be how much a whitening costs and also tooth whitening value.

These words need to be used in the body of texts available on blogs or other channels used by your brand. To define them, always ask yourself: By what terms can personas reach me?

It’s time to apply your content marketing strategy!

Now that you have an overall picture of what a content marketing strategy needs to contain, you can start producing it.

Get your team together and start determining all the necessary factors. At first, you may think it will take a lot of time, but as things develop you will see how this can save you time in the future as you already have all this information recorded.