company's financial organization

How to carry out your company’s financial organization

From the moment you transform knowledge into a digital product, you end up creating a company. This is a fact. Obviously, every business needs to have a good financial organization. And just as companies that operate 100% in the “real world” need to organize finances, companies that operate in the digital world are not far behind. Financial […]

Paid media

Paid media: how and why to invest?

You can drive lots of leads into your sales funnel through organic traffic. But you can considerably increase the number of people interested in your digital product if you invest in paid media since you can get paid traffic to your website. This is a digital marketing strategy widely used by digital producers and strategists, especially when they want to […]

competitive market

How to stand out in today’s competitive market?

“Such a thing is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack”, I bet you’ve heard that saying. But did you know that it’s very easy to find a needle in a haystack? It may sound absurd, but yes, it is extremely easy. A needle is completely different from a straw, by the way. […]


Co-Branding: what is it and how to do it?

Each and every company wants its brand to be known by the greatest number of people, especially those who make up its target audience. Thinking about innovative strategies is essential to achieve this goal. An alternative that can be explored and offer good results is co-branding. The strategy is based on a one-off partnership between different brands. Companies […]

Root and Nutella: when and how to use each

Raiz and nutella are terms created by Erico Rocha, a reference in infoproduct launches, and are not memes or foods. Basically, they are types of publication in digital media. Therefore, to understand these names, refer to content marketing. The strategy presupposes the creation of a relationship with your audience in preparation for sales (of a digital product, for example). So when […]

How to choose a platform for online courses?

Having a platform for online courses can be a turning point in your entrepreneurial career. Whether to obtain students and earn extra income, or to conduct corporate training, distance courses are increasingly popular as a means of autonomous and functional learning. The online learning market, by 2025, is expected to exceed $300 billion, considering individuals and companies investing […]

How to choose the right free EAD platform for your business

How many good experiences have you had with a free EAD platform? The reality is that not all of them are ready for the digital entrepreneur to create and distribute their infoproduct conveniently. One of the factors that weigh most in this experience is the persona preferences, that is, the profile of the student who will access your […]

Inbound Marketing: how and why to implement it in your business

The science of marketing can provide several methods that increase sales, such as Inbound Marketing. Starting in 2006, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, two great entrepreneurs, created the concept that the best way out for marketing is to voluntarily attract customers around the business. Furthermore, along with this new approach to marketing and entrepreneurship, the […]

The Best Way to Generate Qualified Leads for Your Business

Generating leads for a business is not an easy task, far from it. However, if the idea is to generate qualified leads, that is, people who are already at a more advanced stage of your sales funnel, the task becomes even more difficult. However, there are some ways that, if taken correctly, can make your life easier when reaching these […]

Digital security: how to implement it in your business

Have you ever had a problem with digital security on the Internet? Any threat, such as contact with malicious software on a website, represents a possible error with your security in the digital environment. In addition to personal use, if you provide online services or have an e-commerce, you are already in the sights of Brazilian legislation, […]