How to choose a platform for online courses?

Having a platform for online courses can be a turning point in your entrepreneurial career. Whether to obtain students and earn extra income, or to conduct corporate training, distance courses are increasingly popular as a means of autonomous and functional learning. The online learning market, by 2025, is expected to exceed $300 billion, considering individuals and companies investing […]

How to Choose an Online Courses Platform for Your Business

If you have already created or want to create a high-level online course, you are probably interested in an online courses platform of the same standard. But there are too many options on the market and you don’t want to waste your stuff on a system that doesn’t work, right? Which one to invest in any […]

How to make an enchanting script for your online course

The pandemic brought a new vision to people: yes, it is possible to acquire knowledge through the internet. With that view, people started to consume a lot more online courses. Due to this high demand, several others started to create courses. But a question always arises: how to make a script capable of engaging students and making […]

What is public speaking and 4 tips to speak well in your online course?

If you intend to create online courses, you need to know what public speaking is and how to use it to develop more attractive lessons. In this way, it is possible to please your target audience and, at the same time, retain them. The customer experience counts a lot when buying another online course that you offer […]