The differences between real estate agent and property finder

The professions have evolved over the years to better meet the needs of their reference market and the real estate sector is no exception. Some transformations have concerned the way to communicate and promote yourself as a real estate agent, especially after the introduction of social media marketing real estate; others, on the other hand, affect the type of service you have […]

Sell a house in the countryside: tips for seeing a house outside the city center

If you are wondering “How do I sell the house in the country?” you are in the right place. In this article, we will explain the strategies to quickly sell your property located outside the city walls. Do you have a villa surrounded by greenery away from the chaos of the city and are you […]

3 Most innovative technologies of 2016 for real estate agents

A simple check of the methodologies you use for your business will make you realize how many antiquated technologies are still in use. After all, real estate professionals tend to be people attached to tradition: after all, who would not continue to use technologies and methods that have led to success in the past? We can assure you, however, […]