Funnel bottom: how to produce content for this step

Almost every bottom-of-the-funnel lead has reasonable knowledge about a brand and high chances of conversion, which is why it’s so valuable. As a general rule, it’s also expensive, because it consumes various types of content that cost the digital entrepreneur resources — along the top and middle of the funnel. But there are exceptions: when the lead […]

The Best Way to Generate Qualified Leads for Your Business

Generating leads for a business is not an easy task, far from it. However, if the idea is to generate qualified leads, that is, people who are already at a more advanced stage of your sales funnel, the task becomes even more difficult. However, there are some ways that, if taken correctly, can make your life easier when reaching these […]

Seed Release Checklist: Learn How To

Are you an infoproducer and want to achieve better sales results? One way to do this is by performing all the steps in the seed release checklist. But what is a seed release? What is it for? What are the advantages of this type of release? How to run it? These and other questions will be answered in this article. Keep […]

Reciprocity trigger in sales strategy

How many times have you received a gift and felt obligated to return it on that person’s birthday? And when the company gives you an over delivery, it also generates this feeling, doesn’t it? I’m sure that in the next purchase you will think about looking for that project. This is the application of the reciprocity trigger. Using […]

Sell a house in the countryside: tips for seeing a house outside the city center

If you are wondering “How do I sell the house in the country?” you are in the right place. In this article, we will explain the strategies to quickly sell your property located outside the city walls. Do you have a villa surrounded by greenery away from the chaos of the city and are you […]