How to choose the right free EAD platform for your business

How many good experiences have you had with a free EAD platform? The reality is that not all of them are ready for the digital entrepreneur to create and distribute their infoproduct conveniently. One of the factors that weigh most in this experience is the persona preferences, that is, the profile of the student who will access your […]

Digital security: how to implement it in your business

Have you ever had a problem with digital security on the Internet? Any threat, such as contact with malicious software on a website, represents a possible error with your security in the digital environment. In addition to personal use, if you provide online services or have an e-commerce, you are already in the sights of Brazilian legislation, […]

How to Choose an Online Courses Platform for Your Business

If you have already created or want to create a high-level online course, you are probably interested in an online courses platform of the same standard. But there are too many options on the market and you don’t want to waste your stuff on a system that doesn’t work, right? Which one to invest in any […]

What are digital products and how to make money from them?

Even if you’ve never heard of this subject or don’t know what digital products are, you’ve probably already purchased or used it. Do you know when you study online? Buy that distance learning course? Or download a book on the internet that you found interesting? So all these products are digital products. For you to understand, they are any product […]

What is click bait and how to use it without danger [2021?]

“Do this to use clickbait without danger”. Did you notice the difference between the title of this text and that sentence? Clickbait, translated as ‘click bait’ or ‘click-hunting’ is a tactic whose aim is to attract a lot of clicks, as the names suggest. Any entrepreneur who has their business digitized by creating optimized content, as well […]

How to make an enchanting script for your online course

The pandemic brought a new vision to people: yes, it is possible to acquire knowledge through the internet. With that view, people started to consume a lot more online courses. Due to this high demand, several others started to create courses. But a question always arises: how to make a script capable of engaging students and making […]

What is public speaking and 4 tips to speak well in your online course?

If you intend to create online courses, you need to know what public speaking is and how to use it to develop more attractive lessons. In this way, it is possible to please your target audience and, at the same time, retain them. The customer experience counts a lot when buying another online course that you offer […]

How to get extra income online

Did you know that having an extra income online is one of the most common tips for those who take care of their financial health? The methods of earning extra money, for the most part, are perfectly viable to be reconciled with an ordinary job and help to have a well-built personal wealth. In 2018, the […]

Platform to sell e-book: learn how to choose the best

Now that you’ve written your digital book, how about learning how to choose the best platform to sell e-book? After all, it is an important part of your sales strategy. Therefore, it is important to choose one that is quality and cost-effective. Therefore, you must analyze very well all the features that it can offer both for you, […]

3 Most innovative technologies of 2016 for real estate agents

A simple check of the methodologies you use for your business will make you realize how many antiquated technologies are still in use. After all, real estate professionals tend to be people attached to tradition: after all, who would not continue to use technologies and methods that have led to success in the past? We can assure you, however, […]