marketing strategy

Common mistakes made in marketing strategy

Amazingly, many people confuse marketing strategy with marketing action or marketing actions. If you don’t want to make this mistake anymore and scale your business sales, read this article to the end.

What is a marketing strategy?

The concept of marketing strategy is something broader. We can define a marketing strategy as a set of coordinated actions that a person or company can use, develop or create, in search of a single objective for that strategy.

However, many people end up confusing this. When thinking about creating a marketing strategy, they end up developing marketing actions. While marketing actions are more generic and superficial actions, a marketing strategy involves all prior planning. You need to know your market, know your competitors, even to understand what kind of pricing will work, what kind of content you will offer to your audience.

But, unfortunately, many beginning entrepreneurs end up failing in this first planning step. On the other hand, if this planning is done in the right way, you will have all the necessary inputs to create these coordinated actions and, in fact, reach your goals.

After planning and having all the information in hand, you can define which channels you will work with, which actions will best impact your audience and, above all, which audience you want to reach. A marketing strategy is much more thorough than a simple marketing action.

Marketing Strategy: Organic or Paid?

Many people, when creating a digital business, whether it’s an online course or an infoproduct, don’t know the best way to distribute this content. Some say it’s better to do this through ads, others believe more in the power of content marketing. After all, what is the best option?

Just like everything in life, it depends! If you are looking for quick results in your business, where you can see leads arriving in a short period of time, the best option would be to work with paid media.

However, in the medium term this ends up becoming unsustainable because you will always depend on investment in media to gain new customers.

The best way to do this is to work the two strategies in parallel. This is because, even though organic marketing will not bring you immediate results, it is essential for you to increase your authority in your market and start attracting leads automatically.

Therefore, it is very important that, in addition to paid media, you also invest in content production for your social networks, blogs and other channels in order to transmit trust and authority to your base.

This mix between these two universes is ideal for an efficient marketing strategy. After a certain moment, you will notice that it will demand less and less investment in paid media, because organic marketing is able to supply a good part of the demand.

Main mistakes made by those starting now


Perhaps the main mistake made by those looking to start a digital business is the excess of perfectionism. There are many people who have valuable knowledge about a particular subject, for example, and are looking for ways to create a digital product.

However, these people are often so concerned with delivering an offer with the highest possible level of quality that they end up failing to reach the desired level and projects are never started.

In that sense, it’s really important for you to have a quality product, but the most important thing at the beginning of this journey is for you to take that first step.


Another point that also destroys the construction of dreams related to digital entrepreneurship is fear.

Imagine, for example, a person who has great investment knowledge, the result of a lifetime of case studies and case studies, but has problems with marketing and sales. He starts looking for information on how to create an online course and prepares to start recording.

But then she starts to reflect on what the future will be like. The fear of “how it will be later” hits him completely and he remains stagnant, unable to move. People are afraid and afraid to take the next step, precisely because they can be left without help in the market. But only those who can face their fears and overcome challenges reach the top, right?

Content distribution

Following this line of reasoning, another big mistake is when people don’t work efficiently, distributing content. 

Imagine that you are fully committed to producing your online course, for example. You have good content, the videos are well edited and the course is excellent. With everything ready, you put the course up for sale and surprise: stagnant sales!

It’s a big mistake to think that your customers will automatically come to you. You need to think of a strategy to distribute valuable content to your base before thinking about offering any product, no matter how good it is.

In other words, you need to be found. And the best way to do this is to educate the market. You need to make your audience find you! Even more, if you don’t have a strong name in the market, you will need to impact that audience in a very assertive way.