How to choose the right free EAD platform for your business

How many good experiences have you had with a free EAD platform? The reality is that not all of them are ready for the digital entrepreneur to create and distribute their infoproduct conveniently. One of the factors that weigh most in this experience is the persona preferences, that is, the profile of the student who will access your course.

Professionals with a notable workload and who reconcile their studies online, students who live far from study centres, companies interested in the competitive training of their employees, in short, any of these people can consume your course. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the target audience so that the most individual needs are met.

Besides, it’s no use hiring that ultra-modern platform for the producer if it leaves the customer experience to be desired. On the other hand, the one that is too focused on the student can limit or have few resources for those who produce the course.

After all, how to find the ideal free EAD platform? That’s what you’ll read in this article. Come on!

Make learning available via cell phone too

The first essential point in a distance learning platform in this digital age is that it can be accessed without major problems by smartphones. The National Continuous Household Sample Survey carried out in 2018, showed that the cell phone is the main means of Internet access for Brazilians. So, why would access to courses break the rule?

In addition, given the current situation of crisis, many people interested in distance education do so in order to obtain better sources of income, so it is more likely that access is made through more economical means, such as cell phones. It is therefore essential that the content is thought of on smaller screens, as well as the platform settings themselves.

Promote a safe purchase on your free EAD platform

Many people are still prejudiced against online courses for fear of scams and pyramid schemes, especially those associated with ads of questionable quality. To mititate this, meet some requirements that help you avoid chargebacks and prove that your digital product is safe:

  • refund policy prominently displayed on the course page;
  • checkout form as objective as possible, without collecting as much data from the buyer;
  • Active SSL certificate, which signals the degree of trust in your course.

Furthermore, if you intend to sell something within the EAD platform, it must also promote a safe purchase. Some producers sell shirts, mugs and even extra or customized materials in the area. If this strategy is compatible with your persona, be sure to ensure sales safety.

Provide a functional and attractive layout

The level of dropout and dropout from an ODL course is more linked to the layout of the platform than you think. It’s not uncommon for students to find platforms confusing, so they look for other, simpler ways to learn — like eBooks and lives. You can see this, especially among older customers.

Sometimes the producer struggles to make content-rich and well-divided so as not to tire students out, but sends all the material to a poorly structured platform, with module splitting and/or confusing navigation. If students do not adhere and the course does not evolve, the cause, in this hypothetical situation, would be the platform, not the course.

Support students

Most distance learning platforms offer full producer support. But what about the students? What happens if, suddenly, the tuition paid is not recognized, the student is mistakenly blocked and he has nowhere to turn?

Certainly, he would be the type of customer who would negatively advertise the course experience—which, again, would not involve his business, but the platform. Avoid this type of situation by hiring a hosting that serves both you, the entrepreneur, and the student.

Create a study management method

Not every client is committed enough to set their own schedule, organize their routine, and make the course to the end. And you know that work is not just about playing the course on the internet, right? It is interesting to use your efforts so that students also complete their course, share the experience and/or the certificate as a good free marketing and plan to purchase their next digital product.

Therefore, organizing studies for your students is one of the best ways to encourage them to complete their courses. Save them their work through automated settings (which won’t be too much trouble for you), including gamification methods, where the incentive to learn is even stronger and no pressure.

Enable connection to social media

Not everyone will take your course because they want to, especially if it serves as corporate training. One way to make the experience more fun is to let them share their progress on social media.

It is another form of word-of-mouth marketing and this feature makes it easy to access the platform so that customers do not need to remember another password to access digital space.

Be prepared for live events

Live classes can greatly improve your students’ retention on the free EAD platform. They increase the connection with the teacher/products, generate commitment and responsibility in the students’ schedule and, when they have a real-time chat, make everything even more dynamic.

Another reason for live classes is that they end up becoming another learning format and this is beneficial for the cognition of students. When doing an entire course in the same format, videos and PDF, for example, their minds get used and eventually the absorption of content starts to decrease.

Thus, when opting for these features, it is likely that the free distance learning platform of your choice will work well and bring good results for your business.