How to get extra income online

Did you know that having an extra income online is one of the most common tips for those who take care of their financial health? The methods of earning extra money, for the most part, are perfectly viable to be reconciled with an ordinary job and help to have a well-built personal wealth.

In 2018, the growth of people seeking extra income increased by 20%, which was mainly associated with the crisis. In this year of 2020, the crisis is expected to take even greater proportions, so it will not be uncommon for more people to join this activity.

The digital age also brought the advantage of expanding extra income beyond the sale of sweets at work, but of providing services or selling something exclusive over the internet. Of course, for this, online income may require some knowledge, depending on the activity.

Therefore, in this article, you will learn about several methods to earn extra income without leaving your home. Let’s start!

Help detect website and app bugs

This service has been around for a long time and most of the time requires a certain level of English (but nothing Google Translate can’t help). To work with this, simply register on sites like Userlytics, Tester Work and UserTesting. In them, you will basically test sites if they are easy to use, understandable, if the purchase function is working normally, etc.

Some apps also pay their users, but not exactly to detect errors. The ClipClaps gives virtual currency users to watch more videos in the app and hit the lottery games. Then, just exchange the coins for Amazon coupons or dollars. Honey gain also pays, but in exchange for you sharing your internet connection with other servers.

Give consultancies and/or mentoring

In addition to online courses, people have been very receptive to consulting and mentoring as well. They have advantages such as greater difficulty in suffering piracy and a greater bond with the customer, but the disadvantage is that you will need to work, teach new classes every time someone closes a package (they are not recorded and made available), in addition to interacting a lot with each consulting.

There are those who create collective consultancies and this saves a little of the work of making a call with each student, but the sale price of this service tends to be lower. The other limitation is your schedule: you won’t have time for everyone, so your billing is reduced. Therefore, it is possible that the online course is a more profitable option.

Create an online course

For those looking to earn extra income and create a more tangible career, online courses are great. In our current context, in which many are studying and working exclusively on the internet, launching your course can be very profitable.

All you have to do is pick a topic that you are good at, that you like to talk about, and that you can empower yourself more. For example: if you have enough experience as a pet sitter, you can create a digital product about it. Count on our free Spark Start package and learn how to sell a successful course!

Open an online store

E-commerce is not new either, but there is still plenty of room for everyone. Give preference to products that are not easily found in Brazilian physical stores, such as exclusive handicrafts, certain imported products, etc.

And no, you don’t necessarily need to stock and manage products. There is a modality of a virtual store called drop shipping in which your job is to make the product leave the supplier’s hands and end up with the customer, including the initial investment for this model is much smaller than usual.

Be a co-producer

If you feel like you don’t have enough domain to create an online course from scratch on any subject, you can participate in creating one anyway. After being a producer, the co-producer is one of the most profitable professionals in the field of digital products.

It can manage affiliates (which are users who promote the course and earn part of the commission for each sale made), take care of course advertisements and manage an agency specializing in infoproduct launching. That way, you play behind the scenes of that current online course and earn a generous share of the profits.

Be a freelancer

The freelancer can be a co-producer and vice versa, the difference is that, in this option, you do not depend on online courses to work. This professional, in the online context, can do typing, virtual assistance for entrepreneurs (with secretarial activities), administrative assistance, image editing, content production, management of social networks (what we call social media), etc.

The range of activities is much greater than that of the co-producer and you can register on platforms that make the connection between you and digital entrepreneurs, such as Workana and 99freelas. Although it is an extra income and income is not stable, normally, many professionals work exclusively with it.

Get extra income online as an influencer

For those who are not interested in getting involved with some specific knowledge, such as what happens with the analysis of websites, courses and the like, you can be a digital influencer just by sharing your lifestyle with the public.

In the US, for example, almost all young people produce content. The expression through social networks is part of their culture. So there aren’t that many barriers to finding an influencer there. In Brazil, not everyone ventures into this type of income, but it is estimated that influencers with less than 20 thousand followers already earn R$15,000 monthly.

Making extra income online is one of the most democratic ways to earn money. Because there are options for those who don’t want so much work, like at Honeygain, for those who want to have a digital career with online courses and even for the uninhibited who want to be influencers.