How to have an extra income in 2020

Have you been setting your financial goals and wondering how to earn extra income? Often, even though there are savings and cuts in expenses, just an extra income can make you come closer to realizing that dream that requires a good financial contribution. How about making an effort and trying to get this income in this year of 2020?

The good news is that the internet offers many outlets for those who are willing and disciplined to earn money online. As easy and attractive as the philosophy of “getting paid without leaving the house” sounds, this type of income only works if you know what you’re doing.

It is normal to face some challenges such as getting to know platforms and tools that help in digital entrepreneurship, knowing how to teach or pass a message, among other skills.

But, in this text, we’re going to talk about every aspect like that. Check out!

Have a blog and share knowledge

Think about your life trajectory—personal and professional. What’s your style? What are you good at? You just need to answer that question and externalize that knowledge. Start with the paper, scribble, create plans for how you can make someone else have the same information you have.

Austin Kleon, author, designer and icon of many digital entrepreneurs, advocates the idea that we should always put these ideas on paper before taking them to the digital medium. Paper is more palpable, closer to reality and allows a freedom that is often conditioned to learning a certain tool when online.

Once you’ve published some of the material, you have two ways to make money from it. The first is to focus on more posts to get visitors and link to Google Adsense, or create a members area and get subscribers to your paid content.

Write ebooks on topics you master

Digital books or ebooks are extremely versatile products, for the producer and for the consumer. You can create them using Canva, Power Point and even your browser, with an account on iCloud, Apple’s service that contains Pages, a competitor of Microsoft Word.

The speed of producing it is also reflected in its price, as it is often cheaper compared to other extra income methods. But with a smaller ticket it’s easier to have more customers and getting that contact base is also beneficial for a larger project in the future.

Create a course and share what you know on video

But if you’re not into writing, and you most likely aren’t, just invest in the video format! Writing is probably the hardest skill to acquire when learning a language, even if it’s the native language. For your blog, where most of the content is written, to suit your audience, it needs to be dynamic, coherent, pleasant…

Therefore, you can pass the content you have mastered through video lessons. Prepare lesson scripts, train in the mirror, study oratory tips and body language… all these are elements that add, increase the quality of your digital product and serve as support for you to charge more.

In addition, good online course hosting platforms provide space for you to send materials in pdf, ppt, among others. So you can enhance the course with transcripts and supplementary materials. See everything about EAD platforms here.

Develop a course in podcast format (podcurso)

You may not be ready for either the video lessons or the written material. Or you’ll never be ready for it because it’s not your profile. But you don’t have to give up because podcurso is an alternative and an increasingly popular format.

Podcast is an audio medium that, at first, resembles radio. But the proposal is a little more one-sided because the podcaster will hardly receive live calls or make announcements.

In podcurso, you create a video lesson script in which only your audio will be recorded. Easy to create for you (in addition to saving expenses with good cameras and scenery) and practical for your student to listen to on a daily basis while washing the dishes, for example.

Just like a regular online course, you can sell it on your own or through a digital product platform. We at HeroSpark offer this service and we also have a team of affiliates ready to promote your product with strategy.

Broadcast paid webinars

Courses and blogs may require a long-term strategy and greater commitment from the producer. So if you want extra income just to take a trip, for example, you can monetize your knowledge with webinars.

These digital products are basically webinars. Instead of organizing your content into a multi-module course template, you can split it into multiple webinars to be broadcast over a few months.

It is recommended that each video is around 60 minutes long, so always leave some content aside for the next broadcast. The main precaution that must be taken with this form of extra income is that your audience must already be committed to you.

Not everyone will pay upfront for an event with a date and time. One way around this is to ask or poll your social media audience (or any other channel you already have) about the best day and time for the event.

Open an online store for a product you understand

If you miss dealing with a physical product, you can make your investment normally, but take a good part of it to digital.

For example: if you’ve gone to the gym a lot and understand supplements, it might be a good idea to invest in this business, give your identity to it and publicize it on the internet.