How to make an enchanting script for your online course

The pandemic brought a new vision to people: yes, it is possible to acquire knowledge through the internet. With that view, people started to consume a lot more online courses. Due to this high demand, several others started to create courses. But a question always arises: how to make a script capable of engaging students and making this course memorable?

Obviously, this will depend on a number of factors. However, in today’s article, I’m going to bring you some practical tips that can be easily applied in your business.

And the coolest thing is that these tips were not invented by me or taken from any website, these tips were given by Gustavo Duarte, from Kilogram Studios. Come with me!

How to Write a Screenplay: The Beginning

If you want to know how to write a script that will make your course memorable, you need to be knowledgeable in some storytelling techniques. To exemplify this, Gustavo uses the example of an animation that many people have seen, which Finding Nemo is.

What is most important at the beginning of the movie? Choosing the theme, that is, when starting to create a screenplay, you need to see if the theme is relevant. Do a secondary search using tools like Google Trends or SEMrush so you can see if that topic is hot.

With well-done research and hard data, the chances that you’re content will have relevance to your audience and that you will have greater engagement, is great. Therefore, this research is very important.

From the moment you chose this theme, think about the structure of this script. The first entry, which is the beginning of the script, is the character introduction. You can see that at the beginning of Nemo’s animation, it is presented who Nemo is, who his father is, what happened, Nemo’s story.

In addition, Gustavo recommends that you include in your course or promotional material which topics you are going to address. A brief summary of these themes and then really expand and start talking about these solutions.

Last but not least, every movie needs to have a conclusion, right? So, in addition to presenting all the solutions, in the end, you have to complete the reasoning. Whether continuing with new material, new content, or an interaction with your audience as well, asking them what they would like to know about a particular topic. It’s really cool that you have this feedback from the public, listening to the customer is the best deal for everyone.

How to Write a Screenplay: Recording and Editing

Anyone who thinks that a good script only involves the production of written content is wrong. In fact, how the recording is made, and subsequently how it is edited, makes all the difference for a course to be, or not, memorable.

According to Gustavo, for you to have a good edition, it is the timing and the feeling that you develop over time. But what do you need to know upfront? Cut the video. Cut and paste. Often, when we start talking, we realize we were redundant. So, it’s important that you know how to cut out those images that you don’t want to see in your content.

A technique that is widely used at Kilogram Studios is a crop, which is to reduce the size of the frame of a container so that it has rhythm. So how does it work: let’s say you’ve made a medium shot, which is from the waist up? You stood there saying “blah” and you didn’t like it, then you cut it. Then when you move on to the other part that you are interested in, it’s interesting to work with the crop, because then you make the camera a little more closed. So it looks like you have two cameras.

The crop technique can also be used when you want to talk about an important topic and want to focus more, so you close more on your face. Another thing that is also important is to insert texts, basic texts, which are the letterings. With your name, your role, keywords you would like to highlight, etc.

Finally, to make your script thicker and your content more fluid, it’s nice to use cover images, which is common in movies and YouTubers, even in niche financial market YouTubers, where they put memes and GIFs in the half of a speech just for fun.

How to balance content and equipment quality

On the internet, there is a saying that “content is king”. That means, if you have good content, that’s ok. But sometimes on recording you can barely get what’s being said or the person is in a horrible place, very noisy, etc. According to Gustavo, this is very common, so he gave the following tips to balance the content factor with the recording quality factor.

“What I always recommend, when I talk about audio, is: if you’re going to record inside your house, try to record at a time that doesn’t have so much traffic, try to record away from the window”, said Gustavo. Another super valuable tip is not to record, for example, near your home window during peak hours.

Also, when you’re done producing your content, watch it. Even if it looks good, do it again. So it will get even better.

If you are going to record on the street, avoid recording at busy times. Sometimes you can take the risk, but you have to have the right equipment for that. For example, you are recording and a plane is going by, for sure, it will get this audio and you will have to redo the recording.

If you entered this article today not knowing how to make an amazing script for your online course, I’m sure you’re coming out of it with a different vision and ready to create a memorable story.