competitive market

How to stand out in today’s competitive market?

“Such a thing is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack”, I bet you’ve heard that saying. But did you know that it’s very easy to find a needle in a haystack? It may sound absurd, but yes, it is extremely easy. A needle is completely different from a straw, by the way. With a little effort, it is possible to find it.

But do you know what is very difficult? Find a specific straw inside a haystack. After all, all straws have the same shape, thickness and colour. And the online course market is exactly that: a big haystack.

Then comes the biggest question: how to turn your specific straw into a needle? Or, even better, how to stand out in the market that has so many straws?

Do it different

If you do less than the best, you will be left behind. If you do the same, the most you’ll get is to reach their level. It may sound obvious, but you need to do better.

However, it is very natural to question “how to do better in a market so full of courses”. The big tip is: see what your competitors are doing and do it better. Let me explain it better.

Her desire is to set up a confectionery course with recipes for cakes and various sweets, for example. So you start looking for similar courses and realize that your competitors teach around 10 recipes, most of these recipes are for cakes and involve chocolate and milk.

Okay, your starting point should be at least 10 recipes. But what if you went further? Instead of 10, teach 20 recipes. In addition to cakes, you can teach people how to make pies, ice cream and puddings. How about giving options with and without milk? After all, many people are lactose intolerant.

Going a little further from the question of content, what experience will your students have? What if you set up a members-only area? Where everyone could share ideas, recipes and questions. You could hold weekly lives for your students to ask questions in real time.

Russell Brunson in his book “Expert Secrets” wrote the following excerpt: “You don’t have to be the most knowledgeable person in the world about your topic, you just need to be one chapter ahead of the people you’re helping”. Your course does not need to contain all the information on a particular subject, just as your competitors do not.

The key is to build a cohesive course with quality content. Do more and do better than your competitors, but don’t want to embrace the world. A very important tip: content is sovereign!

Show everyone your difference

When it comes to promoting your product, show that you are different. If most confectionery courses have an average of 10 recipes, make it clear that yours has 20. Regardless of what your course’s differential is, show it to the public.

In addition to content, the way the product is delivered is also critical. Choose to record your lessons in HD and use a quality microphone that won’t be drowned out by noise or anything like that.

Let the public see the quality of your material, release snippets of lessons for free. Allow interested parties to try trials on your platform so they will get a taste of the material you are selling.


Not sure how to stand out in the online course market? I assure you that good publicity is already halfway there…

Its content is great, the classes are very well recorded and scripted, but your course has not yet reached the number of students you imagined. Maybe you are sinning at the time of disclosure.

Where is your audience? How to reach him? Using the same example as the confectionery course, the vast majority of your audience will surely be on Facebook groups about cooking or liking Instagram pages that talk about sweets.

Invest in paid ads, such as Facebook Ads, for example. The great advantage of this platform are the look alike. You can target your campaigns according to your business personas. Define location, age, gender, preferences and make your disclosure much more assertive.

Content marketing

I’m sure you’ve heard that term, even if it’s not quite clear in your head yet. Content marketing is to produce valuable content to educate an audience, i.e., the focus is not sales. Content must be of quality in order to inform the public.

Content marketing is a medium/long term strategy, but very profitable. By creating quality materials you will be showing the audience that you are an expert in that subject.

In addition, the costs of creating a blog are low and your content will not be dependent on the reach of Facebook, which over the days is decreasing.


The great advantage of online courses is the possibility to study anytime and anywhere, the affordable prices and the specificity of each course. Therefore, it would be an extremely unpleasant situation for your platform to be disorganized or to be constantly down.

The ideal is to opt for an LMS platform, as it is focused on e-learning and will provide a satisfying experience for your students. The HeroSpark has an uncomplicated and super powerful platform. Our team is attentive 24 hours a day to solve any problems, in addition to all the support given to the producers.

I find it hard for you not to stand out in the market by putting all these tips into practice. Entrepreneurship is a trial and error activity, consequently, results may not appear immediately. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but never lose confidence in your work.