Infoproduct: how to create an irresistible offer

Have you ever been interested in a product, but you would only buy if the seller made an irresistible offer? We bet yes. It’s that famous ‘make it up, I’ll take it’ thought.

In digital marketing, especially in the infoproducts market, we investigate the factors that lead a potential customer to make a purchase. Read our findings in the text below!

What is an irresistible offer in digital marketing?

Irresistible offer, in digital entrepreneurship, is what you should use to show your lead that the best and only option is to buy your digital product.

Generally speaking, offers contain mental triggers, the PUV (Unique Value Proposition) and the value or transformation that the infoproduct can bring to the life of the potential customer.

Although this market is far from being saturated, on the contrary, it is a segment that still has a lot to mature, there is a lot of competition among infoproducts, in general.

In some hottest niches, particularly, you may find entrepreneurs offering similar solutions. But the phases of building the irresistible offer is what changes the game, as it advocates the study of the persona, positioning, among others.

How to create an irresistible offer?

After all, what is the secret of digital entrepreneurs who manage to make so many sales? They usually follow these steps:

Study the avatar’s needs

The best way to get the product and the final offer right is to create something that is in demand and that is valuable to a group of people. Study the target audience, draw the profile of the ideal customer and develop your avatar.

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With this personification of your audience, trace the routine of this fictional individual and extract all the challenges he faces and, thus, the business opportunities. For example:

  • Target audience: female entrepreneurs from 30 to 40 years old from classes A and B.
  • Avatar: Luiza Cardoso, 38, owner of a local cosmetics e-commerce.
  • Challenge: Luiza has had her virtual store for a short time and has difficulty training her service team.

Create a quality product with differentials

Identified a problem? Now you must develop your product or structure your service. Following the example we propose, one suggestion would be an online course on Customer Service for Luiza Cardoso employees.

In this case, in particular, you will notice that there are already some courses on the Internet, such as Sebrae and Senac. Therefore, it is recommended to study them, with benchmarking, understand their weaknesses and fill gaps with your product.

In this way, a quality product sells itself almost on its own. The audience will notice that in other training there are no points they need to know, but that you address.

Pick a hook

With the ground ready, create a landing page (LP) to get your irresistible offer off the paper. This page should be well designed, with visual, text and audio elements that help promote your product. With SparkFunnels, you have this access to all this in an uncomplicated and automated way.

On this LP, you’ll have the hook, something that holds the audience’s attention. Choose between the desire hook and the controversy hook. The desire would be something like “Train your employees with the greatest customer service expert” and one of controversy “Get more customers without serving even one”.

This last hook, as you can see, is quite controversial, but it gets more attention. In the following copy, you can explain that the idea of ​​the course is to train employees in an excellent way so that the entrepreneur never has to meet or solve a problem with them.

See how to create a free landing page:

Give the digital product overview

This is the product description phase. But, in a counter-intuitive way, what you will do less is to talk about this product, but about the transformation, it will bring. So, in our example, the recommended thing is to make the lead imagine a quiet routine in the company, with independent attendants, attracting more and more customers and generating more revenue.

Having exhausted all this most relevant part about the PUV, give the most basic information, such as the infoproduct delivery format (video class, ebook, among others), number of classes, access time to the content, etc.

Show confidence and break objections

Imagine your competitor viewing your digital product. Would he think that ‘you’re nothing’, that he doesn’t know how to teach or that he has no experience? Therefore, display testimonials about you, interviews, success stories and other signs of authority on your landing page.

Another objection from a potential client: “I don’t have time, I won’t make it.”

Tell a story including these insecurities. With storytelling, show how it is possible to overcome these difficulties, show what is possible with an authentic and emotional narrative. Describe the beginning of your journey, what you did to gain knowledge, and how you moved from point A to point B, where you teach others.

Make the offer

Anyway, the offer. Show the price of the infoproduct, with payment methods and conditions. Don’t forget to promote the bonus content produced, introduce potential guests to the course, and invest in mental triggers — especially those of urgency, need and scarcity.

Finish with an excellent call to action and direct your lead to a safe and quality payment platform.

The irresistible offer is built around your prospect. Keep this in mind, follow the sales strategies mentioned here and enjoy.