Internal Launch: How to do it in practice

There is a great possibility of having a high turnover with an Internal Launch, which are the famous 6 in 7, 7 in 7, among others. It is the ideal option for those who already have a formed audience and a product validated by Launch Seed.

The Internal Launch enables the preparation of the infoproducer for future more complex projects. So, it’s great to validate an idea that can then be sold to people who aren’t already part of your lead base.

That’s why, in this article, we’ll explain what Internal Launch is and give tips to make your cart opening a success. Want to know more? Follow the reading.

What is Internal Release?

The Internal Launch is the classic of the “Launch Formula”, broadcast in Brazil by Érico Rocha. As the name says, it consists of selling over the internet to an audience that already exists. That is, for people who already know your content?

It is essential that the infoproducer already knows the pains and goals of his persona. In this way, the contents of the Internal Launch will be able to reach the public accurately and they will feel the need to purchase the product when the cart is opened.

This strategy uses videos and email marketing to take the potential customer on the purchase journey. That’s why the infoproducer — or someone on their team — needs to have good diction and writing to attract and hold the audience’s attention.

How Internal Launch Works


The Pre-Pre-Launch (PPL) aims to make people consume the infoproducer’s free content and, with that, increase the lead base. This is the moment when people don’t even know that a product is going to be released.

In this first step, it is recommended to use different types of content, from simple ones, such as blog posts, to attract visitors, to rich materials. The latter are the ones that are more in-depth and, in general, the lead needs to leave a contact to access, such as e-books.

It is important that these publications are of sufficient quality for people to see that they have a pain and that you can help them to resolve it. So, make the audience aware and show the value of your knowledge.


After the PPL, you have already prepared the ground and got a good amount of people interested in acquiring some solution coming from your brand. So, the next step is to shoot a stream of 3 content (usually videos) over 7-10 days. They can be released, for example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

For this, it is important to have an attractive landing page. In addition to being visually beautiful, it needs components such as:

  • Call for CPL (pre-release content);
  • Benefits of attending CPL’s;
  • Description about the author;
  • Testimonials, if any.

Release (Opening Cart)

Everything that has been done so far was aimed at making the greatest amount of qualified leads reach the purchase of the product. For this, the sales page must have a great sales letter that highlights the benefits of your product and make the undecided to make a decision.

However, most of the work has already been done during the earlier phases. Here, you will announce the opening of the cart, a good offer and the period it will be open – which must be a maximum of 3 days. After purchase, the customer should be directed to a thank you page.

How to do it in practice

HeroSpark is a free tool that will facilitate every step of the Internal Launch. The platform’s mission is to help entrepreneurs generate leads and get their first sales. See how to use:

  1. Create your HeroSpark account ;
  2. In the upper corner, click on the “New Funnel” button;
  3. Choose the option “Make a launch” and click on “start funnel”;
  4. You will be redirected to a page explaining about the HeroSpark funnel and pages. In it, click on “use funnel”;
  5. Choose “Customize your sales experience.” Then you will see some options that we will explain according to each step, below.

Start your experience

The first step is to edit the funnel name. Put the name of your product, to organize, and press. Once this is done, click on the capture page, which is the first landing page of the launch, as it is intended to capture leads to enter the funnel.

Hit “edit page” and start customizing it. The platform is intuitive and easy to use, which allows you to create a nice look for your landing pages.

Then it’s time to customize the thank you page that serves to thank the lead for interest and confirm delivery of the content. At this stage, we also leave some email suggestions, which you can modify and schedule when sending to leads.

The next step is to set up what we call a launch blog or CPL page, which is where the CPLs will be placed, whether live or recorded video. In it, there are some email templates to fire. Finally, you’ll set up the sales video page.

By clicking on the sales page, you will also be able to edit the model page and view the emails we provide. The last step is to configure the checkout page.

When you have everything set up, click on “save and publish” and then, at the top of the funnel edit page, click on “Your funnel is inactive” to activate it.