Platform to sell e-book: learn how to choose the best

Now that you’ve written your digital book, how about learning how to choose the best platform to sell e-book? After all, it is an important part of your sales strategy. Therefore, it is important to choose one that is quality and cost-effective.

Therefore, you must analyze very well all the features that it can offer both for you, as an infoproducer, and for your customers. Don’t forget that the platform is responsible for the shopping experience. So it’s very important to your sales strategy.

In this text, we will give you tips so that you can analyze the platform options and choose the most suitable one for your info product.

How to choose the best platform to sell e-book?

When you produce an e-book to sell, you have the expectation that it will be successful in the market, right? But for that to happen, it is necessary to find that it meets some criteria.

The platform needs to ensure an excellent customer experience, from purchase to delivery. Therefore, the correct choice of this tool is essential for the success of your sales.

Analyze the cost of hosting

It is essential to do price research to find out how much it costs to host an e-book on a platform. Remember to review the plans very carefully and see if there are additional charges so that something unforeseen does not happen.

It is also important to check what the associated benefits are, as these tools can offer complementary services, such as landing page creation, email flow automation, sales funnel setup, among others.

Thus, you can identify what will be the cost-effectiveness of using a particular digital platform. Do not forget that the amount paid for it cannot be greater than your forecasted billing, otherwise, you will have a loss.

Therefore, pay attention to all these details before contracting this service.

Check platform usability

Another important factor that must be taken into consideration when choosing the platform to sell e-book is usability. Therefore, you need to check that the tool is easy to use, that is, that you will have no problems hosting your book.

In this case, pay attention to the configurations that will be necessary so that you don’t have unforeseen problems when offering the e-book to the market.

Imagine attracting many potential customers to the platform, but not having the cart open because the configuration was too complex?

This can lead to a lot of inconvenience and loss of customers. In addition, also think on the consumer side, as they need to have a good experience, from the purchase to the delivery of the e-book. Therefore, the usability of the tool is essential.

Check the payment system

The payment system is also an item that can determine the choice of a platform to sell e-book. In that case, you need to check whether this system is integrated with the tool, as well as whether it is reliable.

Also, make sure how the transfer of amounts received from customers to your bank account works, that is, check the process step by step and if there is any additional fee for the transaction.

Don’t forget that the system must present several forms of payment so that the consumer has options to choose from, such as credit card, debit card, bank slip, among others.

Also, check that the forms that must be filled out at checkout are consistent. This way, both you and the customer can be at ease while using the tool. Since it is possible to guarantee a good shopping experience.

Review the support offered

Platforms that offer specialized support services present a differential, as you can count on professionals who understand your business and your infoproduct. In this way, they are able to provide more specific and personalized help.

Therefore, don’t forget to analyze this factor before closing the hiring of the hosting tool. Otherwise, you may get lost when using the platform.

Check the possibility of customization

It is essential that you can customize the platform with your visual identity. Thus, the customer has more confidence when buying your e-book, as they know that it is their product.

So, make sure the tool is customizable, that is, if you can insert your colours, images, and other graphic elements that represent your brand. In this way, it is possible to create a friendly environment for users.

We can conclude that it is very important to analyze all the details involving the platform on which you intend to host, market and distribute your e-book. Thus, you don’t run the risk of having losses in your sales process.

Furthermore, we cannot forget that this tool plays a fundamental role in the customer experience. That’s because if he doesn’t feel secure or thinks usability is bad, he can transfer this dissatisfaction to his infoproduct.

That way, you can end up losing a potential customer and, still, you run the risk of having your reputation distorted because you chose a bad platform to host and distribute your infoproduct.

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