Reciprocity trigger in sales strategy

How many times have you received a gift and felt obligated to return it on that person’s birthday? And when the company gives you an over delivery, it also generates this feeling, doesn’t it? I’m sure that in the next purchase you will think about looking for that project. This is the application of the reciprocity trigger.

Using the reciprocity trigger will boost your sales, without having to offer the product directly. This trigger assumes that customers will feel obligated to return favours received and will be loyal to your brand.

Are you curious? See how this powerful strategy works!

What are mental triggers?

Mental triggers are strategies that aim to cause a certain feeling in leads and, consequently, impact a decision. Such emotions can be good or bad, such as anxiety, fear, or satisfaction.

In the digital age, in which people receive stimuli at all times, it is essential to know how to use them well and the mental trigger provides this path. In this way, your business will have a greater influence on consumers’ purchase decisions.

There are several types of mental triggers, to get to know them see our article on mental triggers. However, in this article here we’ll explain the reciprocity trigger in greater depth, so you know how to apply it.

What is the mental trigger of reciprocity?

The mental trigger of reciprocity is a stimulus received by the consumer’s brain, through the entrepreneur’s attitudes. It starts from the premise that if you are good with people, they will seek to reciprocate and do so when buying your products or services.

For example, when the digital business generates a lot of valuable content and answers the doubts of its audience for free, it starts to feel obliged to reciprocate this “favour”. However, the entrepreneur should not see it as a favour, but as a sales strategy.

As with the other mental triggers, it’s important that the lead doesn’t realize it’s being manipulated and that you’re expecting a switch. You have to believe that you are being good with your brand because you want to.

How to use the reciprocity trigger in sales strategy?

Social networks

Social networks open up a range of possibilities for the info producer. One way to apply the reciprocity that has worked a lot on Integra is the daily question boxes.

The entrepreneur must open question boxes every day for people to send their doubts and he must answer as fully as he can. This makes people feel gifted and, when your product is launched, they will feel the obligation to purchase.

Free stuff

As much as you’re afraid to give away much of the information you sell for free, remember that it’s the way for people to get to know your work. Then create content for your Integra feed, blog and other places your audience might be.

The content should be useful to hook the audience on your profile, and here we advise you to focus on funnel-top content. When your audience is already qualified, they want to consume denser materials produced by you. Some options are e-books, newsletters and guides.

Over delivery

Is there anything better than buying a product and receiving another as a gift? This is how over delivery works. When the customer waits for something and receives more, they feel special and exclusive to the company.

Thus, the customer experience is more pleasant and, even if they do not have the need to buy other products or services from you, the person will start to practice referral marketing, as a way to repay the gift received.

Free sample

An old practice that is still very effective is free samples. When you get a free sample of moisturizing cream and then want to buy one, you’ll want the one you’ve already tried, both for reciprocity and because you already know the quality.

Bringing it up to date, we can mention the case of programs that have free and premium versions. If you use the free dropbox and feel you need more storage, the possibility of purchasing the premium version is greater than moving to another cloud storage system.

How do get good results?

In digital marketing, we always have to worry about how to get the message across in the best way, to get great results. Otherwise, the strategy may not have the desired effect or even have an opposite effect.

For that, it’s important to know your avatar, so you won’t give him benefits that don’t interest him. This is because you will know what is interesting for your audience, will be able to increase engagement and will use artifices in order to generate the need for reciprocity.

Also, you need to master copywriting. Contrary to what many people think, copy does not make false promises; it only aims to persuade the lead, but with really truthful information, by highlighting what is relevant to the audience.

Really works?

We decided to bring a video that illustrates the trigger of reciprocity. Not in the sales world, but the idea applies perfectly well. When you are helped, you feel the urge to help too.