Seed Release Checklist: Learn How To

Are you an infoproducer and want to achieve better sales results? One way to do this is by performing all the steps in the seed release checklist.

But what is a seed release? What is it for? What are the advantages of this type of release? How to run it? These and other questions will be answered in this article. Keep watching and learn how to apply this method when launching your infoproduct!

Seed Release Checklist: What Is It?

The seed launch checklist is nothing more than the list of steps you need to take to launch a product through this method.

The seed launch is a marketing strategy that aims to test how receptive the market is to the consumption of a particular product. Therefore, it is recommended for those who do not yet have a finished product. That is, it can be done at any time, even if you don’t have something ready yet.

That’s why the seed launch has this name: just like a seed, it will be planted for your customers’ consumption, and you plant it after you know whether or not it’s worth doing. Basically, you’re going to launch the product making sure your customers are interested in buying it.

What are the advantages of seed release?

When launching a product, there is always the risk that this launch will not work. With the seed launch, this risk becomes smaller, as it is the public that demonstrates what type of product or service they want to buy.

The seed launch is also a great way to generate engagement with your audience. Content production is the first way to connect with your future customers. This can be done through email actions, social networks and other channels.

Seed launch checklist: learn to do yours in 6 steps

Step 1: Create content related to the product you intend to launch

Here’s the idea is to produce content so that your customer begins to assimilate the idea. For example: if your idea is to launch an e-book about skincare start by creating a blog, send emails and publish information on the subject on social networks.

This way, you create a relationship with your potential customers, even before they know the product that will be launched.

Step 2: Create a list of people to receive your content

Even if the product isn’t finished yet, it’s important that you have an idea of ​​how many people are interested in buying it.

Therefore, create a landing page that talks about the product and pertinent issues related to it. This page can be geared towards the idea of ​​capturing leads, inviting visitors to enter their emails to receive everything firsthand.

Remember to advertise your landing on different channels to receive the highest number of subscribers. If necessary, invest in paid media ads.

Step 3: Submit content to this list

After entering the email, your prospect may forget that you exist. Therefore, plan content to send constantly. But no more stuffing your inbox, OK? Create a sequence that makes sense and shows your audience a pain – which you will later remedy with the launch of your product.

Step 4: Develop the Product

Now that you know there are people interested in your product, it’s time to develop it. In this process, pay attention to all the necessary points, so that it has the quality and reaches your customer in the best way.

Another point that must be considered is how you will carry out the after-sales service. After all, your customer relationship doesn’t end when the credit card is swiped. It is necessary to offer a complete service so that he is interested in returning.

Step 5: Publicize the Release Date

The most decisive step in this seed launch checklist has arrived! This is the time when people find out your product’s launch date. You can advertise on your social networks, by email and in other channels that are part of your strategy.

To further enhance this launch, create an irresistible offer that only people on your list will have access to. You can send them an exclusive discount coupon or offer them some extra product, like a gift or something that makes sense in your industry.

Remember to let them know the original price of your product so that these people are aware of the advantage they will have when buying with your discount coupon.

Step 6: Analyze your launch results and talk to your consumers

How about sending emails to your list asking for product feedback? This way, you can gather important information so that your next product is even more successful.

So, did you like the tips? Seed launching is one of the most effective and cost-effective ways to sell virtually. But it is essential that you dedicate yourself to all parts of the process to ensure the success of your infoproduct.