Sell a house in the countryside: tips for seeing a house outside the city center

If you are wondering “How do I sell the house in the country?” you are in the right place. In this article, we will explain the strategies to quickly sell your property located outside the city walls.

Do you have a villa surrounded by greenery away from the chaos of the city and are you thinking of selling it? Selling a house in the countryside can be more or less simple, a lot depends on the characteristics of the property, the location and the size of the surrounding land.

Until a few years ago the house in the countryside was a must and many people wanted to buy a little corner of paradise away from the noise and hectic life of the city. Today, in reality, this bucolic ideal of the rustic outside the city has waned a bit and the usefulness of the house in the countryside is mainly linked to the presence of surrounding land.

Many buyers, in fact, want to buy a house in the countryside in order to cultivate a small vegetable garden and become independent from the point of view of fruit and vegetable production.

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How to sell a house in the country

The strategies for selling a house in the country depend a lot on the type of property you own. Selling a large villa surrounded by greenery, perhaps with a swimming pool, to be used as a second home is certainly different from selling a small rustic house with a small vegetable garden to cultivate, perhaps not too far from the town.

Surely the first step to sell a house avoiding mistakes is to carry out an evaluation of the property.

Through a serious evaluation of the value of the house, it is possible to establish a realistic sale price for your property in the countryside, thus avoiding, on the one hand, to sell off and on the other hand to excessively increase the average time to sell the house.

Here are some things to consider before selling a house in the country:

  • Distance from the town;
  • Characteristics of the property (age of the house, conditions, rooms, square footage, etc. …);
  • Size of the surrounding land;
  • Presence of basic services (connection to the water, electricity, gas and telecommunication networks);
  • Places of interest nearby.

All these elements contribute to determining the sale price and also the type and intended use of the property. For example, if it is a holiday home, a permanent residence or simple support for a day of vacation or while you are dedicating yourself to the cultivation of the vegetable garden or vineyard.

Types of country houses

As we have seen, the country houses are not all the same. Here is a description of the three main types of a country house:

  1. Cottage: it is a country house typical of Anglo-Saxon countries; generally made of stone or wood, surrounded by a garden. The cottage is a house created to accommodate the sharecropper and his family, which is why it often includes some typical peasant elements such as the stable, the barn and the fence. In recent years, many cottages have been transformed into structures for tourism, combining the bucolic atmosphere with all the comforts of modern life (television, Wi-Fi, hydro massage, etc…).
  2. Cottage: the cottage does not have an equally defined history, it is possible to define a cottage as any house in an isolated position, whether in the countryside, in the mountains or in the hills. A common element with all other types of country houses is the surrounding setting, typically immersed in a peaceful and timeless atmosphere.
  3. Masseria: the masseria is an agglomeration of rustic buildings linked to the economy of the large estates and typically widespread in southern Italy. The architectural structure of these country houses recalls the typical scheme of farmhouses: a single central space, used as a courtyard, surrounded by a series of buildings used as homes, for the storage of tools and as a shelter for animals.

In addition to these main types, there are also other specific forms of country houses, such as farmhouses (widespread in the Po Valley) or farms (linked to the production of foodstuffs).

Advice for selling a house in the countryside

In addition to location, square footage and amenities, there are strategies to increase the perceived value of a country home.

Surely one of the main features of a property located in the countryside is the outdoor space. So in addition to home staging and the care of the presentation of the interiors, it will be necessary to enhance the outdoor spaces with photos and detailed descriptions, able to convey the relaxing atmosphere that reigns in the green spaces surrounding the house in the countryside (to learn more read on: arranging the house for sale is a good idea).

Many foreign buyers are also attracted by the beauty of the landscapes and the historical charm of Italian suburban locations. This is demonstrated by the many Hollywood celebrities who have decided to buy a house in Italy to spend their holidays in the splendid Tuscan farmhouses or in the villas immersed in the Umbrian countryside.