The Best Way to Generate Qualified Leads for Your Business

Generating leads for a business is not an easy task, far from it. However, if the idea is to generate qualified leads, that is, people who are already at a more advanced stage of your sales funnel, the task becomes even more difficult.

However, there are some ways that, if taken correctly, can make your life easier when reaching these potential customers. These are the paths and hacks I’m going to talk about in today’s article. Come with me!

What are leads?

Before you worry about generating hot leads, it’s important that you know and be clear about “what leads are”. In a very simplistic way, it is possible to define a lead as any person who, in some way, has shown interest in the solutions offered by you or your company.

For example, imagine that you work for a company that specializes in investments. One day, his company launches a free e-book entitled “Investments for Beginners”. In order for someone to have access to this material, it is necessary to register on a landing page.

Soon, the person showed interest in the content, left her name and email in a form, at that moment she can already be considered as a lead of your business.

How to generate qualified leads?

One of the best ways to generate qualified leads is through content. But how do we use this content to actually segment a lead base between cold leads (leads that aren’t qualified) and hot leads (people who need my product/service)?

One way is for you to see who is consuming most of your open content because whoever is consuming almost all of your content, or most of it, is committed to it. He’s enjoying your content and thinking it’s relevant to him.

Because, sometimes, the lead can be compromised, but he only saw a video, didn’t like your teaching and stopped there. This person will hardly buy your product, it will never become a hot lead, due to the didactic barrier. Does he understand?

Therefore, it is essential to look at who continues to consume your content, this is something very smart.

A very simple technique that we use here at HeroSpark is, basically, in our ads, when you are going to capture these people and want to seduce them, we already use content that is totally related to what we want to do.

For example, let’s say your niche is someone who wants to learn English to get hired or make more money, your ad has to talk about it!

“Are you tired of being denied interviews for not speaking English? I will help you get there in 3 months! Discover the PH method of English without borders in 3 months”.

The person who is attracted to this ad has this pain, in most cases. It’s very different from simply capturing a lead explaining that “yellow” is yellow in English, do you understand the difference? Not all content helps to target, but all content has its value and all content has its audience.

How to create an offer for these hot leads

Before thinking about an offer, it’s good that you have an audience, however small. Obviously, if you already have a lot of people following you, it gets even better!

Because you have an audience, especially a good audience that trusts you and is of considerable size, is one of the main barriers. And, starting from the audience, finding the ideal product is a less painful path.

A very good tip is: the process that has to be done in all cases is to listen to what people have to say to you. If you have a lot of people who follow you on social media or who are on your list, they necessarily have something in common. You have to find out what this something in common is, then move on to the common pains this audience has and resolve.

Too often, entrepreneurs underestimate public research, talking to the customer, talking to the person following them, because they think they already know you. But in practice, when you talk, you find out lots and lots of things about this audience.

Audience or Product?

Many people don’t understand the importance of generating qualified leads, as they are concerned about creating a product before they even have a solid audience.

You can even start by creating a product and then finding an audience for it, I just wouldn’t recommend you to do that. But it can work.

But why does this happen? The reason is very simple: the product you create doesn’t tell you, it doesn’t talk to you, and it doesn’t tell you what pains it solves. You have this product in your head, you created it and you hypothesize the pain that it resolves. While the public already exists, it already has the pain and, mainly, it manages to talk to you.

So, you cut a lot of ground by defining an audience. Imagine that you are going to create some product for lawyers who are between 35 and 45 years old. What you should do is go talk to this audience, talk to 10 or 15 people, you will find some common pain and, perhaps, be able to create a product on top of that.

In the startup world, the expression “Get out of the building” is widely used. In a free translation, it means “get out of the building”, that is, leave your house and go out into the street, talk to people and don’t be afraid to test your idea.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy task and you will hardly get it right the first time. Many successful entrepreneurs have had to struggle hard to reach their goals. However, creating methods to generate qualified leads is already a giant step towards success.